MICOTROL International GmbH

Voltage regulator for drive-systems Mmicompact 330

The voltage regulator MMICOMPACT 330 is a motor-regulator for control, regulation and positioning of drives in conveyor-units together with a three-phase asynchronous motor and an additional control-unit.

Applications are

  • Lifts
  • Material lifts
  • Hoists in the Storage Systems and chassis in the rack storage technology.

These applications are the only authorized purposes, and for other purposes, the control equipment not provided. In particular, the devices are not suitable for highly dynamic positioning drives with precision. The upper limit for the conveyor speed is 2 m / s.

The control device MMICOMPACT 330 is a special elevator controller control signals and status messages received over send them there. . The controller parameters will be set via a keyboard and an LCD display, and can be alternatively set via a suitable PC and the corresponding MICOTROL software.

For more information please refer to the instructions we have provided for you to download here.